UA Recorder

画像:PUERTO UA Recorder プエルト ユーエーレコーダー

Easy CSV/DB output of OPC UA server data

Linkage between OPC UA-compliant devices and existing systems! OPC UA data can be used in a variety of tools.
画像:Easy CSV/DB output of OPC UA server data

[PUERTO UA Recorder] functions as a resident agent running on a PC.
It can easily retrieve and output OPC UA data from OPC UA servers supported by robotics, CNC, PLC, etc. to text or database.

Overview of PUERTO UA Recorder

Enables OPC UA-compliant devices to work with existing systems

[UA Recorder] is a product that reads and enters data on Excet(R) via UA communication. This is a product that simplifies functions by leveraging the know-how cultivated in the UA Monitor.
[UA Recorder] collects data from devices equipped with OPC UA server capabilities and outputs the data to text and DB, so it can be freely linked with existing tools and systems.

Features of PUERTO UA Recorder

  • ClientCore is the core of the application
  • Planning to support Linux in the future
  • One connection license is granted for the main system.
  • Data exchange with multiple servers possible (additional license purchase)
  • CSV output and DB output are available.
    (currently supports AccessDB and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Further DBs to be considered and added as needed
  • Data from multiple servers can be output to a single CSV
  • Data from multiple servers can be output to separate CSVs
  • Capable of text output and database output
  • Data is retrieved in real time from the OPC UA server.
    *Data is retrieved in as fast as 100 msec.
  • Supported DB: SQLServer (Additional DBs will be added sequentially)
  • Easy to set up with drag & drop
  • Data can be output when necessary by specifying the cycle, date and time, and day of the week.

Operating environment of PUERTO UA Recorder

PUERTO UA Recorder is recommended to operate in the following environments
Windows OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Dependent library: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2